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Welcome to the FUTURE of Poker Training.

DeepStacks 360 is the only poker training site that allows you to take a virtual seat at the table with the pros. We teach LIVE Poker in a LIVE setting using virtual-reality 360 degree video technology.

DeepStacks 360 offers live and on-demand poker training courses in a way that no one else can. Using our unique 360° video platform you can now attend and participate in poker training courses that teach LIVE poker, in a LIVE setting. Each DeepStacks 360 course is streamed over the internet in a 360 degree, virtual reality video setting. You are given a virtual seat at a LIVE poker table with DeepStacks Instructors and students, and you have full control of your view just by clicking your mouse. Your purchase of a DeepStacks 360 Poker Training Course will also include the ability to ask the instructors questions about the training material. Ever wanted to attend a DeepStacks Live poker training course but couldn't? Now you can at ANY TIME from the comfort of your own home, at a fraction of the price.

360° Video Platform

Learn more about how our unique, interactive 360° Poker Training System works. See samples and try it out for yourself before purchasing one of our courses.

DeepStacks Instructors

Meet our elite DeepStacks 360 team of Poker Professionals who will be teaching you everything they know about the game in our unique, interactive lessons.

Poker Training Courses

Browse through our collection of currently available LIVE and on-demand 360° poker training courses. Simply register for any course to gain immediate access.


There are NO other poker camps, seminars or schools who are teaching on this level for “live” poker. I repeat NOWHERE! It is my intention to continue following this path of learning the changes in poker strategy and play for as long as I need to, so I will be returning to another one of these courses as soon as I can.

Source: My Poker Player Blog

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